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Outdoor environments can be equally hard to visualize as indoor spaces. Here, the client was starting from scratch, with no existing landscaping to build upon.

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beautiful products

Simply beautiful products.

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streamline design

Not all toilets are created equal! We appreciate toto for its innovative flushing technologies. 

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radiant heat

When it comes to radiant heat, we recommend Warm Up for our customers because of its reliability and modern thermostats.

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local art

Our favorite resource for finding local, eclectic art.

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design trends

Wonderful resource for staying abreast of design trends and for reading other design perspectives. 

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eco-friendly design

An old stand-by for eco-friendly design ideas and products.

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modern In denver

New to the Denver market in the last several years, this magazine finds the pulse of modern and retro designs in our own backyard. 

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personal touch

In my home, our dogs are the pride and joy of our lives. They make us laugh and get us outside when we might otherwise be couch potatoes. Rather than just taking a photo, I hired a local artist to paint my pal Boo. The interesting perspective and pop of background color provide inspiration […]

color palette

Similarly, fresh fruits and vegetables can also demonstrate inspirational color palettes. In fact, this delicious photo was integral in choosing colors for a recent kitchen renovation.

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