personal touch

In my home, our dogs are the pride and joy of our lives. They make us laugh and get us outside when we might otherwise be couch potatoes. Rather than just taking a photo, I hired a local artist to paint my pal Boo. The interesting perspective and pop of background color provide inspiration in my home office. Artwork that is truly personal can be affordable and is often more meaningful that retail purchases.

color palette

Similarly, fresh fruits and vegetables can also demonstrate inspirational color palettes. In fact, this delicious photo was integral in choosing colors for a recent kitchen renovation.


design inspiration

Design inspiration comes in many beautiful and unexpected forms. Too often, clients will share published design photos to demonstrate a “look” they’re going for in their own home. While this is a wonderful method for translating design, other forms of inspiration can work just as well. 

For instance, Christopher is quite handy with a camera. Each summer, he captures extraordinary color in his travels to Mexico and to local Denver neighborhoods. Mother Nature can demonstrate color combinations better than any designer we know! These photos can be purchased on canvas as artwork or used as inspiration for color in walls, tile or fabrics.

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